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Data Delivery And Visualisation From Above The Ground

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Founded in 2018, the Flyby Guys specialise in capturing video and image from above the ground.

We offer clients exciting new solutions that until now have not been possible. Using our top of the range drones we can offer clients unique video, photo and 3D opportunities.

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We offer everything from guidance, planning and executing the aerial footage to the post production of video and flight data.

We leverage AI & ML to extract as much data from the video content, enabling our clients to make smarter business decisions.


Case Studies.

We provide you and your business with expert drone consultancy to help keep you up to speed with the ever-changing industry, and to help ensure you are doing everything safely and within the law.


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Stara partnered with Flyby Guys to support their push into smart city technologies
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Flight Safety

Drone flights can incorporate a wide range of circumstances, and it's important that all pilots are trained with proper safety procedures to minimize risk and downtime in certain unforeseen circumstances.

We've put together a pre-flight checklist for both professional and hobbyist pilots. This is similar to the one our team uses and has been crucial for minimising any risks.

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Flyby Guys

We leverage AI & ML to extract as much data from the video content, enabling our clients to make smarter business decisions.

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We are not located in Finland or even Europe but would like to purchase services from you.

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Depending on where exactly you are based, we are happy to travel and do have a distributed pilot network. Drop us an email to discuss more.

My company prefers to invoice instead of use credit card.

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That's ok! Drop us an email and we can discuss your needs and arrange the invoice details.

Do you have a license to fly drones?

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Yes we do! We have been given permission by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) and we follow their No Fly Zone policy.

What type of drones do you use?

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Our fleet is growing and we have been fans of DJI's Mavic series but use Phantom 4 Pro for the better quality image and 3D mapping.

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Want to Learn How to Fly a Drone?

The Flyby Guys offers comprehensive training to take you from a complete beginner, right up to a confident drone pilot.

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