Utility and Telco professionals have some of the most widely distributed and remote assets to build, maintain and repair. Compounded by complex infrastructure sharing arrangements, maintaining accurate and up-to-date information on every location they manage without having to visit site is time consuming, labour intensive and costly – often requiring physical site inspections.

Even the most rigorous inspections can miss important details or miscommunicate data, resulting in decisions that can be costly or risky.

By combining Artificial Intelligence analytics with drone captured data, Fly-by Guys is leading the way in helping infrastructure owners to better manage their assets by conducting fast, accurate, independent tower assessments.

Automated As-Built

  • Automated Object Recognition identifies individual equipment
  • Each asset is fully characterised by classification, position & dimension
  • Combines Machine Learning and Reality Modelling
  • Continuous Learning features allow for improving detection
  • Perform antenna as-built reports with survey level accuracy

Condition Assessment​

  • Artificial Intelligent analytics exceed that of traditional manual inspections
  • Machine Learning algorithms identify, catalogue and track corrosion for longitudinal studies
  • Populate automated reports and share instantly with stakeholders- Perform accurate online measurements of member lengths, cable runs or any area of interest
  • Visualise access tracks, hut placement or encroaching vegetation

RF Hazard Assessment​

  • Use the interactive 3D environment to simulate the spatial distribution of electromagnetic fields (EME) within an interactive 3D environment.
  • Identify exclusion zones and measure distances. Perform site inspections and share reports with stakeholders. Exceed compliance expectations and improve transparency & trust