Case Study


Flyby Guys has been operating Intel’s Drone Light Shows since December 2020, having completed shows in Dubai, Togo, Indonesia and Taiwan, the team have delivered over 200 flights using Intel drones. Each show has varied in length and the number of drones used. The largest show to date has been the Taiwan Lantern Festival where 1500 drones were used per show.

‘’We’ve been working with Stephen and the team for some time now, they have been incredibly professional when it comes to operating our fleet and liaising with our customers in multiple regions. When it comes to safety they go above and beyond’’. 

Dani Napier, General Manager Intel Drone Light Shows

Intel's Drone Light Show business has since been acquired by Nova Sky Stories.

If you are looking to host a drone light show and looking for a provider to support, get in touch with the Flyby Guys team.