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At Flyby Guys, we don't just fly drones we unlock insights from above

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The Flyby Guys are experts in drone-based aerial data capture

Our drone data capture services provide companies with a powerful tool to collect and analyze high-quality data in various industries. With advanced drone technology and skilled pilots, we can efficiently capture data from difficult-to-reach locations, saving time and resources while reducing safety risks.  From agriculture to construction, our drone data capture services can help your company gain a competitive edge and increase efficiency.

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Our Drone-Light-Show Projects


Our drone data can be utilized for mapping, surveying, monitoring, and inspection purposes, providing businesses with valuable insights to make informed decisions.

We leverage AI & ML to extract as much data from the image and video content, enabling our clients to make smarter business decisions.


Case Studies.

We provide you and your business with expert drone consultancy to help keep you up to speed with the ever-changing industry, and to help ensure you are doing everything safely and within the law.


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Intel partnered with Flyby Guys to support their DLS operations in EMEA


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Stara partnered with Flyby Guys to support their push into smart city technologies
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Flight Safety

Drone flights can incorporate a wide range of circumstances, and it's important that all pilots are trained with proper safety procedures to minimize risk and downtime in certain unforeseen circumstances.

We've put together a pre-flight checklist for both professional and hobbyist pilots. This is similar to the one our team uses and has been crucial for minimising any risks.

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We want to hear from you

Whether you want to put on an incredible drone light show or  better manage your tower and solar assets, the Flyby Guys are here to help. So get in touch with the team to learn more.

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Stephen Sutton


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Markus Nierlich

CEO - Austria

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Michael Michalowski

Global Operations Team

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Chris Moore


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Andrej Engelhardt

Strategic Advisor

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Markus Sinervä

Lead Pilot

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Alex Allgaier

Lead Pilot

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Mikael Uhtio

UAS Specialist


I have a use case not listed on your service page, can you still help?

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As the drone industry is still an emerging space, there are new opportunities that present themselves to customers. We are happy to support with innovative ways to support customers using the power of UAVs. Please get in touch to discuss your ideas with the team.

We are not located in Finland or even Europe but would like to purchase services from you.

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Flyby Guys have offices in Finland & Austria. Our work is global and happy to support your business with a service outside of Europe.

Do you have a license to fly drones?

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Yes we do! We obtain flight permits and permissions wherever we conduct business, either temporarily or via permanent permits.

All our drone pilots have at least an A2 license and have flown hundreds of hours prior to joining the team.

What type of drones do you use?

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Our fleet ranges from the Mavic 3 Enterprise series, Mavic 3 Classic and Mavic 3 Pro.

These ensure the highest quality of data and images for our customers.

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We Are Looking for Pilots!

We are looking to grow our talented team and you could be the right fit to join us. If you've been flying a drone for a while and want to make a career of it, we want to hear from you!

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