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Maximizing Safety andEfficiency in the Maritime Industry

At UAS Maritime Inspections, we specialize in revolutionizing vessel inspections using UnmannedAircraft Systems (UAS) technology. Our team of skilled pilots and technician sleverages cutting-edge drones to conduct safe, fast, and accurate inspections,ensuring the utmost safety and efficiency for your maritime assets.

Why Choose UAS Maritime Inspections?

Safety and Efficiency:Our UAS technology eliminates the need for human entry into hazardous confined spaces, prioritizing safety and minimizing downtime.

Accurate Data Collection: Equipped with 4K cameras, thermal vision, and advanced sensors, ourdrones provide precise measurements and generate detailed 3D models of yourvessel.

Our Services:

Tank Inspections: Weexcel in conducting confined space inspections, efficiently capturing criticaldata in dangerous environments.

Aerial Filming: Ourdrones offer stunning aerial footage for sea trials and commercial purposes,enhancing your visual data collection.

Future of Vessel Inspections: With our S.E.A.D principle - Safety, Efficiency, Accuracy, andData Collection - we ensure the future of maritime inspections is secure.

Compliance and Reliability:

We understand the importance of safety and compliance in drone inspections. Our operations strictly adhere to protocols and guidelines, ensuring full compliance with all relevant regulations. With our advanced drone technology, we operate seamlessly in various weather conditions and environments, providing reliable and consistent inspection services.

Tailored Solutions for You:

Our team is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of each client. Whether you are a small vessel owner or a large operator with multiple facilities, we tailor our services tomatch your specific requirements. You can trust that your maritime assets are in safe hands, and our insights will help you maximize your investments.

Experience the Future of Maritime Inspections with UAS Maritime Inspections - Where Safety and Efficiency Meet!