Announcing Our Partnership with GoodVision

June 5, 2019
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The Fly-by Guys are excited to formally announce our partnership with GoodVision, an artificial intelligence and deep learning platform. Both parties will work together to increase the deployment of smart city technology across Finland and the Nordics.

The municipality’s ability to quickly respond to emerging needs is extremely limited by existing data collection and evaluation techniques… until now.

The ultimate intent is for cities to be able to leverage unstructured video data, uploaded into the analytics platform and result in making more informed and data driven planning, funding and project development decisions. The Fly-by Guys have spent a significant amount of time looking at how best to leverage ‘eyes in the sky’ drone footage with best in class AI capabilities, of which we found GoodVision to be the leader in the field.

Both companies believe that with advances in sensor technology and computing capacity, there is a significant opportunity to understand infrastructure performance in near real-time and to respond to any questions on transportation issues with much more detail than in the past, at a much faster rate, and in a cost-effective manner.

The partnership allows the Fly-by Guys access to GoodVision’s AI platform for Nordic clients and enable faster market adoption. There has already been a high interest from cities and municipalities across Finland looking to trial this technology.

For further information about The Fly-by Guys & GoodVision, please contact Stephen Sutton or Petr Heyduk respectively.

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