Anarky Labs’s Drone AR Solution for DJI (First Look)

April 7, 2021
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The Flyby Guys are involved in a few projects at the moment, but one very special project is with Anarky Labs.

You may remember the video we made last year regarding the solution from the Finnish start-up, developing an AR system for drone operations, enabling more 3D situational awareness and helping with BVLOS operations using Microsoft HoloLens

The system is now ready, and with product launch just weeks away, we are proud to show the world its first look at this amazing solution.

In this video, you see Hannu Lesonen (Anarky Labs CEO) locate the drone on the Microsoft HoloLens to give the home point and direction.

All telemetry data is in the sky. Way points and hazard detection are features that are unique to the solution, and height, distance and satellite count are visible at the glance of your eye when following the drone in the sky. The video feed is also available on the HUD.

One incredible feature in Anarky’s development is showing which direction the drone is constantly facing. This has always been difficult in operations, especially when you need to act fast in a situation.

Anarky’s solution will support the DJI Smart Controller.

Supported drones: 

DJI Enterprise  

Phantom 4 v2.0

Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom  

Mavic Air 2

For more information on Anarky Labs, check out their website.

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Tiger Artwork